First Question01

What is Employment Mission?

State Government has earmarked a significant amount of their budget for State Employment Exchange Projects. Most of the times, candidates did not get jobs due to lake of skills. State Employment Mission has decided to train the unskilled candidates that help them to get their jobs.

Second Question02

How To Register a Job seeker?

The Employment Mission’s prime goal is to provide the proper training to the seeking candidates and give the employment to the qualified or, skilled candidates in their respective fields. A candidate has to register himself/ herself by giving the personal details and also by choosing the interested sectors, fields under specified Training providers (PIAs) and Training centres (TC).

Third Question03

How To Register a Training Provider?

PIA (Project Implementing Agency), the training provider is the main stake holder of this application. PIA has the main role in this mission. A PIA will have controls over the training centres, trainers, registered candidates, Batches, Employer and Notifications etc. All the PIAs will be registered first and after the approval by the OSEM (admin), he can login and will have all the specified controls.