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Sl Name Designation Powers & Duties
1 Shri Sanjay Kumar Singh, IAS Commissioner-Cum-Secretary Director is at the apex of the Organisation. Provides leadership, guidance and expertise in surveys and studies relating to employment and unemployment.
2 Director of Employment & Employment Mission Director of Employment & Employment Mission, Odisha, Bhubaneswar Manpower Planning and forecasting, Enforcement of Employment Exchanges Compulsory Notification of Vacancies Act, 1959. Collection of Employment Market Information, Vocational Guidance and Career Advice, Occupation Research and Information, Staff Training and Inspection of field offices.
3 Joint Director of Employment (Estt.) Deputy Director of Employment (Job Dev.) Joint Director Deputy Director The Joint Director (Establishment) assists the Director in the matters relating to establishments. Accounts and Budget. The Deputy Director (Job Development) looks after the works of Employment Exchange activities, Vocational Guidance and EMI Sections including Manpower Planning.
4 Asst. Director of Employment (V.G) Asst. Director of Employment (Exchange) Asst. Director Look after the works of Employment Exchange activities, Vocational Guidance and EMI Sections including Manpower Planning and State Employment Mission activities.
5 ********** HQs Employment Officers HQs. Employment Officers look after V.G., E.M.I., O.I. and Exchange Sections being assisted by one Section Officer and other staff of respective branches.
6 ********** Establishment Officer The Establishment Officer of the Directorate looks after the matters relating to the Establishment, Budget and Accounts.
7 ********** Section Officers The Section Officers are the head of the section under whose guidance the Sr. Assistants and Jr. Assistants do the regulatory works. Each branch is headed by a Branch Officer. Vocational Guidance, Exchange, EMI and Occupational Information Sections function under the guidance and supervision of Employment Officers.
8 ********** Regional Asst. Directors The Regional Asst. Directors look after functioning of Employment Exchanges and related activities within their zone consisting of ten districts each. They also carry out inspection and other supervisory works.
9 ********** District Employment Officers The District Employment Officer are head of the District and responsible for Employment Exchange activities and carryout the functions of the Employment Mission also.
10 ********** State Employment Officers Similarly the Employment Officers in the State Employment Exchange, UEI&GBs, Spl. Employment Exchange, Junior Employment Officers carryout Employment Exchange functions as defined against each type of Employment Exchange.

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